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The Transformers CCG LiveJournal Community's Journal
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Monday, July 7th, 2008
2:23 pm
Origins Battle

The low turnout for the game was, in part, due to the fact that the program book for Origins listed the Transformers CCG game as a featured event in the CCG section but the actual game event, as it was being run like a miniatures game, was located in the miniatures section. Confusing, I'm sure.

To say that the Transformers CCG was a flop, in so far as sales, is evidenced by a number of dealers at Origins who had no idea such a card game even existed. I was looking for some rares and had little to pick from. Only one dealer had any card packs (no singles), selling the first series packs for 25% off and the second series packs for a $1.00 each. Buying some of the first series netted me Bumblebee but Barricade continues to elude me.

The Origins game was a recreation of the last battle in the Transformers movie...for the most part. Changes included adding Bonecrusher and having Longarm as a playable character. Longarm was dragging around Bumblebee and could not transform into robot mode. It was a last man standing controls the Allspark.

It was a slug-fest to be sure. Early on, Megatron, in his robot form, took a pretty severe hit which left him with very little hit points left, forcing him to remain in jet mode most of the time, doing strafing attacks. As usual, it took a long time for Brawl to get into the fight but Bonecrusher's "skating" ability on solid ground in robot mode helped him along. Bonecrusher, even in his movie version, can unleash some pretty hefty damage in robot mode. The key to taking him down is to pound on him at range when he is in robot form since all of his robot mode attacks are melee.

It was to be seen that the healing abilities of Ratchet and Longarm were the keys to success for the Autobots as both of them kept other characters, notably Optimus Prime, in fighting shape.

Bumblebee was the first to fall and later, Starscream took enough damage to see him flee in his usual cowardly fashion. Bonecrusher was eventually beaten down but Jazz and Ironhide also fell. Not having a flier may or may not have been a handicap for the Autobots as it did allow Megatron, Blackout, and Starscream to make slash attacks and remain out of close combat.

As the battle went on, only Optimus Prime and Ratchet remained standing against Brawl, Blackout, and Megatron. Ratchet fell soon after, leaving only Prime. Megatron, being the cocky sort he is, felt he could dispatch Prime and transformed to his damaged robot mode. Unfortunately for Megatron, his shot wasn't true and with a swing of his energy Axe, Prime took out Megatron.

With their leader gone, the remaining two Decepticons thought better of it and fled.

All in all, it was a entertaining game. Although it wasn't in the Origins game guide, I had a prize for the player who did come to the game, consisting of a stack of cards, including a few rares. :)

I think I'll see if I can run Transformers CCG next year...especially since the second Transformers movie should be in theaters by then.

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Saturday, June 28th, 2008
12:28 am
Hunt for The Allspark

Come check it out at the Origins Game Fair 2008 in Columbus, OH.

Running Saturday from 8pm - 12am in Hall C, table D14.

Spaces are open! Register for game #1854. $2.00 to get in the game.

All cards provided.

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007
12:16 am
Classic Bonecrusher - Energon Wars

A test posting to this new group, just making sure it works.

In a pack purchase today, I got the Classic Bonecrusher card. To say the least, this character is tremendously overpowered. In robot mode, his effect with a Red Attack is +90 damage on the next round when a Red Attack hit is scored. +70 with a Green Attack, and +80 with a Blue Attack. His critical damage is 80. In vehicle mode, his critical damage is 60 and only his Blue Attack is a +60 damage effect.

By the standard Transformers CCG rules, one blow from him will destroy most of the characters in the game. If he got off a Blue Attack and scored an effect, that would 100 points. Only the Predacon Megatron in robot mode could take that. A critical and you have 180 points of damage, which nothing in the game could take.

The revised rules make him even more powerful. At Red Attack range, with a base 3+ to hit, the odds of him hitting are very great. And his other attacks are close combat, gaining a -1 to hit.

I'd love to know the basis for assigning Team Points as Optimus Prime and Predacon Megatron, for example, have not insignificant attacks but they do not have the one hit, one kill potential that Classic Bonecrusher has and for a much lower Team Point total.

I can see Classic Bonecrusher being an immediate target and with good reason.

Current Mood: shocked

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